5 Tips to Secure Your PC From Prying Eyes and Malicious Programs

If you are entering your personal and sensitive data on a public computer, then think twice. The virtual world is full of expert hijackers, who may steal your personal data through viruses and then use it for meeting their vested and malicious ends. No matter how good your computer or laptop is configured, security software is an essential program that needs to be installed on. Your PC security software doesn't have to be expensive, but it needs to be capable enough to figure out these computer threats.

Have you ever paid attention towards checking the PC security before entering your valuable data into it? If no, then this article will brief you about the dangerous results that you may face due to this carelessness as well as tips to prevent such threats with some simple proactive steps.

1. Beware of free downloadable software and pop-ups

'Free download' is not free when it forcibly installs a malware on your PC. You may unwittingly get a spyware while downloading free stuff such as music, screensavers and other free downloads from websites. Even pictures that look genuine may contain viruses when you download and save them to your system. It's always advisable not to download programs or images from sites you don't trust or know.

Pop-up windows are often used by a spyware to attract users to a particular website or web page that may have malware and other dangerous viruses. Internet users often click on the window and this action may keep your Internet as well as PC security at high risk. In order to avoid such risks, you should always click on "X" icon in the title bar to close such pop-ups. Don't use closed links within the window as it might give permission to the spyware to get itself downloaded on your PC.\

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