Reasons Why IAS Aspirants Fail In Their Examinations?

In India, getting selected for the IAS is a dream come true as many students attempt the examinations, but only a few can make it through the end. A lot of the reasons why many aspirants are not able to make it through the exams depend on several bases. These reasons, if looked into and made changes to improve, can offer success to the aspirant. If you notice many aspirants can clear the UPSC exams, many cannot crack this exam even after several attempts. What is it that these people who get selected in the first attempt do that many don't. To understand this, we have to look into the reasons mentioned below.

Easy Syllabus Mentality is a Trap:

Many aspirants who are attempting this exam for the first time believe that prelims' syllabus is very easy. Having this thought delays their preparation, which makes them fall into the trap. Let me tell you that the prelims syllabus is endless, and one can crack it only after taking it seriously. If you think there is much to study, you are cautious from the initial stage, which is rewarding. Thinking the syllabus too quickly is a big mistake that many aspirants make, which is to be avoided.

Choosing the wrong optional subject:

Many aspirants end up selecting the wrong optional subject for their prelims round and later find it very difficult to mug up every part. It has been seen that a vast majority of aspirants choose optional Subjects that are popular or subjects that toppers had selected. This way, they do not focus on their abilities and rely on others' success, which is hazardous when appearing in such a platform. One should select a subject they are familiar with and relate them to their previous understandings and knowledge. Choosing something with which you are familiar gives you an added advantage.

Lack of Conceptual Understanding of Subject:

To prepare for the IAS examinations, aspirants refer to several books. Almost all the famous writers and publishers release their books for aspirants to prepare for the exam. Many of the students start referring to such books without having any basic or conceptual knowledge on that subject. This results in a lack of understanding during harmful preparation. During the prelims exams, one has to have the basic knowledge that can be retained form NCERT books. Lacking this basic knowledge of the subject can give you a hard time preparing. The essay in the prelims is all about conceptual expertise, which can be ascertained from NCERT books.

Lack of Revision:

Lack of revision is believed to be one of the most prominent reasons for aspirants failing in their UPSC exams. Many aspirants are busy learning new things every day, which makes them realize it is not that important to revise the old studies. This is a wrong perception as revision is required, and learning new things every day. The best is to prepare a routine where you can keep days just before the examination for revision. This way, you can learn new things every day as well revise when the time is right.

No proper planning or guidance:

IAS examinations are regarded as one of the hardest exams, which require dedication and adequate preparation. Many aspirants are not able to plan and end up not finishing their syllabus before the main date. Few aspirants give more time to specific subjects, completely ignoring the others. This is why many students fail in the examination. Proper planning is required to execute the whole process smoothly. Just making plans won't help as they have to be implemented daily. Preparing the right program wherein every subject is given proper time can help you finish the syllabus along with revision.

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