What is Prizm Coin PZM Cryptocurrency

What is Prizm Coin PZM?

Prizm Coin is a cryptocurrency that is self-regulating using a unique para mining technology and native blockchain. It is also a decentralized form of virtual currency based on the model that is been used by other cryptocurrencies. Prizm coin was built with an open-source Java language. This coin is available for trading with several numbers of exchanges.

PZM is the abbreviation used for this coin and some of the leading features of this cryptocurrency project are:


Prizm para mining is a unique technology that increases the number of coins in your wallet using a three-factor source.


Although the speed depends on the number of transactions. But the speed of this coin for completing the transactions is faster.

Open Source

This coin works on an open-source that allows developers from all over the world to implement Prizm coin in their project.

Proof of Stake

Instead of using that old energy and time-consuming systems, it uses the modern crypto technologies proof of stake.

Prizm Software

The software of Prizm can be accessible from the web, desktop, and mobile that makes it easy to manage and trade using the coins.


It is a huge social marketplace, where users can sell and buy goods worldwide. It is also developed by Prizm developers.

Complete Details About Prizm Coin

This coin was launched back in early 2017. Traders can understand the coin on a better scale using this information and they can able to decide whether it is good for investment or not.


Prizm rate is around $0.006259 according to recent studies. The one-year high price of this coin was $0.0852. After this, the price of this coin is decreasing gradually and the recent prices of this coin are too low as compared to the prices that were a year before. The all-time highest price for this coin is 2.8632 that was recorded on 8th March 2018.

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