West Virginia poet, Amber Decker will  read at Three Friends Coffeehouse. This will be her last stop on her mini-West coast book tour. She will also be selling her latest release called “The Girl Who Left You”.   Six Ft. Swells Press poet and co-founder, Matt Amott will also be reading.

Six Ft Swells editor Todd Cirrilo writes:

“In THE GIRL WHO LEFT YOU, Amber Decker writes with unmasked bravery, a fierceness followed by sexy, followed by sadness and then strength. Poems of Dairy Queens, cornfields, backseats on backroads, the starting of something new and the holding onto what once was…. The poems give us the pocket optimism of hope, yet the daylight honesty of calling it exactly what it was. This is the deep American beauty of Amber’s poetry.”

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