Hey boys and girls, it’s a Blind Dates edition where I’ve matched up 3 creative friends to put on a free show for you…The Dolly Pops, d holmes, and Dusty Santamaria. The Show and Tell Open Mic Sign-up follows at 8 p.m. Details:

Hearkening back to the golden age of Vaudeville, when the art of dancing and show business were in another rebirth, the Dolly Pops stumbled
upon the time machine of H.G. Wells and decided to leave the
bittersweet golden era, to travel into the future to perform
and exude their femininity through their gift of dance.
Without the social constraints of the discriminatory
turn of the century, here they stand before you
as the iconic strong woman of any era, be
it Clara Bow, Bettie Page or Tina Turner.

Dusty Santamaria is a songwriter, poet, and painter, currently living in Portland Oregon. He performs both on his own and as the singer and rhythm guitar player in the garage, country, rhythm and blues band, The Singing Knives.

Born and raised in Portland, Dylan Holmes, “Holmes” or just “d,” is a radical social-reconstructionist with a background in evolutionary theory and general science. His poetry falls into two general themes: the pantheistic union/oneness with nature, and the disturbing, contemporary alienation of human nature (tagged by the academics as “mismatch theory”). He holds no faith in “reform” from the top-down, orthodox establishment and instead advocates a complete “remodel,” while enjoying the eccentric recreational pastime of utopian engineering. His philosophy can be summarized by the axiom “do not trust strangers,” which on the flip-side means entrust your primary needs (i.e. food, medicine, and education) to a network of face-familiar people instead of strangers in expensive suits that look good on TV. In-other-words swap “society” for “community.” According d Holmes it’s the only game in town.

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